Songs in the Key of Rhubarb

Today I’m serving up a simple compote, courtesy of the always-brilliant Smitten Kitchen. It pairs beautifully with some leftover lemon curd, made at a class at one of my favorite local bakeries, Two Tarts. It also helps disguise a rather disappointing cake, which I won’t call out, but it suffices to say that even in the presence of the magic words “Greek yogurt,” I’ll be sticking to butter-based pound cake types, rather than oil. Luckily the curd and the compote are fragrant, because this cake smells a little bit like French fries.


Rhubarb, strawberries, sugar, lemon…and the finished compote.


Another fantastic photo from my office kitchen. This cake looks like it would be good, doesn’t it?


Sunday serving suggestion: store-bought madeleines, compote, curd, blob of fat-free yogurt you accidentally bought that is unsuitable for baking.

PS: Stevie Wonder makes excellent baking music.